We provide the best house lifting services in Kerala, we have our highly experienced professionals. We are providing very cost-effective and reliable Building Lifting services In Kerala. If your house is below the road level or frequently water enters inside the houses in rainy seasons. Then you need to lift up the house. We provide house lifting service in Kerala and also this service is rendered by us. Keeping in mind all that requirements of our precious customers. Our team members try to avoid damage to our clients’ valuables house or things while building uplifting.

We use only quality-certified technology, tools and machines to lift the house so that our clients can get full satisfaction from us. We are also known for timely execution and reliability; also we offer the House Lifting services In Kerala at reasonable charges.


In the house lifting services in Kerala the technique is base on the relocation of structures by lifting a house. With hydraulic jacks. By raising the structure with jacks. We can also provide a new foundation for the building or also strengthen the building foundation. It will result in an increase of stability of the superstructure and life span of the building. This technique is economical as compared to the techniques used conventionally in the repair and restoration of the foundation. But this method damage the superstructure may also be minimized.

  1. Before starting the lifting of the building it’s important and necessary to disconnect the supplies of the building. Like electricity, gas connection, drainage connection etc. To avoid the interruption in the work and for the safety of the people working.
  2. The support to weak members is provided to avoid the falling of members down during the process of lifting as the safety precautions to ensure the safety of the building and workers. Generally, the supports of I-beams are done provide as the supports.
  3. At first, the excavation is done near the walls for the application of the jacks, the jacks do apply below the ground beam or supports of steel beams.
  4. The jacks are then applied in the space of the excavation and the jacks are then applied and the house is lifted by jacking the jacks simultaneously.
  5. After that, the whole house is lifted up in the air and new walls have been constructing beneath of the existing walls, and slowly –slowly after that the whole house is put down and again get attached with the new foundation.

This is the basic simple procedure that has been mostly using in Building lifting services in Kerala. But this procedure also maintains the whole house in a cure. Because while house uplifting there could be some chances arise that the walls of the house could be damaged and for that the whole house must need to be put down for very slow.


If your house is below the road level and you have been facing the problems.  The water has been entering inside of your houses or you feel ashamed that your house is below the road level. Then house elevation services beneficial for you. The house lifting services in Kerala provide by us has been also helping people to raise their dreams with raising the level of the house of there.

The primary benefits of house lifting services are that your house is raised without any of the damage. As well as you become safe from spending more cost on the house. And the other is that it also saves your house from unwanted and untimely floods that might create trouble for you. But by house lifting, no more flood or rainwater will be collecting in your house.


The cost of house lifting services in Kerala, is less than to reconstruction. If you want to lift up your house but you don’t find any other option rather than reconstruction then you are wrong. We have been providing house lifting service in kerala for a long time and it benefits the people.

If you just only want to lift up your house then reconstruction is not just only the last option. People regret house lifting because they fear that their house is in danger but they are wrong. The house lifting service provides by us never creates danger for you. But you need to enjoy the services from the best. The house lifting services cost is based on the choice of technology.

We make the use of modern technology that reliably lifts your house and without any danger, your house is elevating. The whole process is based on the labor and technology in which we are best. Therefore we do work for you in a cost-effective manner.