House Lifting Services In Mumbai-if your house is below the street level. As well as you have to face a lot of problems in the rainy season. Especially in the rainy season, it has now become a typical problem for the people. Who live in Mumbai, they know very well that how does the water enter their houses. In real means, those people have to face a lot of problems that have their house at a very low surface. Then it is compulsory that water can easily enter in their house. If you are also facing these problems then you can enjoy the benefits of building lifting servicesWhich is also better than reconstruction, if you have any query regarding house lifting services then contact us?


  • House Lifting Services in Mumbai, is more in trend. Because of the construction of the roads, residential buildings level becomes low. A person cannot stop the construction of roads and it is also something impossible to do. What possibly can be done is raising the level of building higher than the road level.
  • Often you do not have sufficient parking space. House lifting helps in building sufficient parking space. Building lifting services by jacks not only give you parking space but enough space that you can make another room.
  • In the present house in which you are living, you may need a basement or a new floor. Demolishing the entire building for the new construction will be time-consuming. In less time by making use of house lifting services, you can construct these rooms or a new floor efficiently.


Did you know that you simply may add a story beneath a raised house? Our company has been providing the best house lifting services in Mumbai. Furthermore, If you wish to add a story to your house. You don’t have to be compelled to waste time and cash removing and reconstruction a wonderfully smart roof. To not mention cleaning or reworking the story simply below the roof. We have also done house lifting for the new basement, as we always give primary importance to the view of our client. Moreover, We are the top building lifting services provider in Mumbai.

We are able to elevate the prevailing structure to only on top of the new desired height (typically between 8 to 12 feet). A brand new floor system is then built on the prevailing foundation walls and exterior frame walls square measure set in the suit. Once all the bearing points square measure in the suit, our crew can come back to line the house onto the newly-constructed ground level.


  • If a residential building is below the level of the road then accumulated water starts entering the house, to deal with this problem relocation is not the only solution. With so many developments and advanced house lifting technologies now you can easily raise the level of your house without causing any damage to it.
  • House lifting services in Mumbai offer a cost-efficient solution by facilitating you to live in the same house by raising its level. Residential buildings which are at low-lying areas are more prone to water blockage problems. During heavy rainfall. The water gets accumulated and people face many problems because of it. These problems for low lying lands are never ending and to permanently get rid of it, the level of the building is required to be raised higher than the level of the road. Possible only with house lifting services by jacks.
  • Innovative techniques like house lifting help to deal with different problems by ensuring full safety of building in an affordable way. House lifting technology using hydraulic jack is now one among the new and renowned method used in civil engineering.


We should make sure that the house lifting services cost should remain reliable for you. Therefore by making the use of modern technologies, we provide no.1 house lifting servicesso you no longer need to be fear. If your home is lying in a very short surface area close to the ocean or the river, then there are lots of possibilities that your house would be affected by floods.

When the homes were constructing, enough anti-flood measures we are not taking to preserve it from floods. This is often as a result of the specified technology was not out there at that time of your time. Protection from floods to home is common in areas of south and west India etc.

Wherever these areas are subjected to heavy rain. It is not uncommon for these areas to urge flooded quickly. That is why; most of the homes that are created during this space are created on an elevated plane. The houses are usually designed on a platform that is an honest four to five feet on top of ground-level .we provides the best house lifting services so you can surely visit us.

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